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Student Unions

International Students Association

There are several International Students Associations according to the students’ nationalities. International Students Associations for China, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia are currently run by the international students. For more information, please contact the International Student Services (+82-53-810-7882 ~ 5)

YU Volunteer Corps

Yeungnam University’s Volunteer Corps in 8 different fields characterized by 4 attributes; initiative, public interests, specialty and Glocal. The YU Volunteer Corps has built partnerships with global foundations and local governments such as UN Foundation, UNESCO, International Workcamp Organization (IWO), Gyeongsangbuk-do, Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education, Korea Foundation of Voluntary Center, Red Cross, Korea Student Aid Foundation, and have been establishing a comprehensive and systematic voluntary system by diversifying the areas and subjects of volunteer activities.

Information Service Group

Supports legal advice, special lectures, counseling and mentoring of youths from low-income families and night classes for working citizens.

Medical Service Group

Supporting medicine, special lectures of public health and health care, medical check-up and counseling for lowincome citizens, service for doctor-less villages and global medical aid.

Welfare Service Group

Visiting welfare facilities, environmental reform campaign, helping disabled and supporting disabled athletic competitions, senior citizens who live alone, providing food for poorly fed children, blood donations, helping children with incurable illnesses and support of scholarship for youths from low-income families.

Environmental Service Group

Conducting environmental experiments and developments with Korea and the China Future Forest, such as an afforestation business, disaster recovery and improving the environment in the Kubuqi Desert of China, the seismic center of yellow dust.

Art Service Group

Opening performances like singing, orchestral music, Korean classical music, piano, dance, and holding culture camps for multicultural families and youths from lowincome families, as well as supporting large international cultural performances.

Multicultural Service Group

Launching 'Online mentoring', 'Law searching & exploring camp', and 'Leadership school for multi-cultural families'.

Overseas Service Corps & Global New Village Movement Corps

Extending a New Village Movement (Saemaul Movement) to underdeveloped countries, while performing overseas voluntary activities by making partnerships with UNESCO and IWO.

Group activity

Group activity

For students who have interests, hobbies and talents in common areas gather to foster growth and collaboration it is the centerpiece of campus life. Through voluntary participation, teamwork and creativity can be developed and a well-integrated relationship can be formed.

Student Clubs

Students can join any of the 90+ student clubs in the following fields; Liberal Arts, Volunteer Services, Arts, Religious groups, Applied Studies, Physical Activities, Linguistics and Academics