Research Programs

Human Resource Development Agency


Yeungnam University will enhance the work capacities of managers and employees of companies.
The Yeungnam University Small & Medium Business Professional training Consortium (Human Resources Development Agency) organized a consortium with business owner groups and small & medium businesses that are cooperating with conglomerates in order for employees to develop their occupational skills and in order for new workers to train as effective employees quickly.
Employees of companies that are members of the consortium can receive high-quality education for free.


This project is supported by the Ministry of Labor and it utilizes the outstanding faculty, educational and training knowhow, experiment materials, high-end measuring equipment and multimedia lecture halls of the Instrumental Analysis Center, and other outstanding educational infrastructure of Yeungnam University to improve corporate competitiveness through skill training programs for employees of small & medium businesses in the consortium. It was launched on July 1, 2008.

The Yeungnam University Human Resources Development Agency will :

First, aim at providing user-oriented customized educational programs based on the demands of small & medium businesses for the development of occupational skills and lifelong education of students made up of employees of small & medium businesses or new employees that are about to start work.

Second, aim at providing specialized education that continuously performs specialized skill development through management of students and to enhance the abilities of trainees based on thorough student management, excellent instructors, and easy educational courses.

Third, aim at providing practical education needed in the entire process of design, interpretation, production, process lines and quality management for automobile parts and materials, IT needed for high value added products, fiber materials, and furthermore, all sectors of engineering, together with education on theories.

Our Human Resources Development Agency provides high quality technical education in order to contribute to the enhanced competitiveness of intelligence-based industry companies in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk area.